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Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill Price List for Services

This price list is effective July 15, 2019


The charge for washing is $5.50 / lb. grease weight as received. If you have washed the wool yourself but it is at all sticky, then we must rewash it before carding. The rewash fee is $5.75 / lb. If you have washed your own wool but are not sure if it is clean enough, send us a small sample in an envelope. We do not offer washing service for wool that is not going to be carded here. We do not wash llama or angora or other exotic fibers (they do not usually need it for carding). Washing or rewashing merino-type wool is $6.55 / lb.


We cannot card wool for roving which is shorter than 2.5 inches or longer than 6 inches stretched out. 

The minimum amount we can card is 2 pounds based on the clean washed weight. The carding fee based on the weight of the clean wool per bag or separate lot as it is received is:

The charge for carding exotic fiber blends is $7.00/lb. because of the extra time required for picking and carding. We are no longer carding 100% exotic fibers. We can card mohair, llama, angora, and alpaca blends containing at least 50% sheep's wool, but it may not hold together for roving and consequently may be in the form of a loose batt.We can card up to 25% silk as long as the staple length is not over 6 inches and it has been degummed. Other fiber/wool combinations that we can card as 25% blends are cotton, dog hair and camel.

If you have fibers but not enough sheep's wool for yarn we can supply the wool. The price is currently $12.00/ lb. of washed wool but is subject to change depending on the market. We have both white and natural colored wool available.


We cannot card wool for yarn which is shorter than 2.5inches or longer than 5 inches stretched out.

Carding to prepare 100% wool to be spun is $5.00/lb. based on the washed weight of the wool.   Additional care is needed when carding exotic fibers, so we charge an additional $2.00/lb when carding blends with mohair, silk, angora, cotton, llama, camel, etc.

Prices for spinning are added on as follows: Spinning prices are based on the finished weight of the yarn returned to you on paper cones and apply to your choice of bulky, worsted, or sport weight yarns. Spinning yarn with singles finer than 3500 yards/ lb. (2-ply 1750 yds./ lb., fingering weight or lighter) is an additional $4.00lb.

A small amount of roving is usually left over, unspun.  This wool does not have the the spinning costs applied to it.

In general, if 50 pounds of washed wool are carded and spun, the result will be about 40 pounds of yarn and 3 pounds of roving. This varies with the type of wool and amount of vegetable matter in the wool. Yarn batches of 40 pounds or more can be split in half (approximately) and spun into two different weights of yarn for an additional fee of $45.00 for gear changes

Charges for optional services are as follows:

We can spin batches as small as 20 pounds (clean weight) but we have a minimum charge of 375.00 for the carding and spinning steps because much of our time is spent on machine set up. The washing costs are in addition to this minimum charge.

Spinning yarn from exotic fiber blends requires picking the blends twice and additional care in the carding steps. Because of this, we must charge an additional $2.75/lb. for carding in preparation for spinning yarn from these blends (mohair, angora, silk, llama, camel, cotton, etc.). We can blend mohair up to 33% of the total weight but cannot go this high if the wool consists of luster wools such as Romney, Border Leicester, Lincoln, Cotswold, etc. The angora and other exotic fibers cannot be greater than 25% of the blend.

We can not spin yarn from luster wools without adding crimpy wool to hold it together. It may be necessary to add as much as 33% of the total weight to hold it together. If you are in doubt, you could send a sample in first

If you have fibers but not enough wool for yarn we can supply the wool. The price is currently $12.00/ lb. of washed wool but is subject to change depending on the market. We have both white and natural colored wool available.  The white is Merino and the colored is Corriedale.

We can also provide dyed wool for $17.00/ lb. for blending with your own wool to make heather yarn in the following colors:


Our storage facilities are small and were not designed for use as long-term storage of materials. Because of this, a minimum storage fee of $25.00 per month will be charged if we have to store your fibers for more than 30 days because of any of the following reasons: Additional storage fees may be charged for storing more than 100 pounds of fibers.

For accounts not paid within 30 days of the date on the invoice, there will be a late payment fee of 1.5% per month added to the amount due.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Payment may be made by check, money order, Mastercard or VISA. If you pay by credit card, please include the following:

3776  Forshaug Rd, Mount Horeb WI 53572, 608-437-3762

Please direct comments or questions to: Anne@blackberry-ridge.com