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Instructions for Washing Finished Yarn

During the spinning process there is a light spinning oil applied to the wool. This helps the wool fibers to form a more even thread and not break during the carding and spinning. To wash the oil out of the yarn (all cone yarn contains this oil) use a laundry detergent (Woolitetm is not suitable). I have tried several but prefer Tidetm.

Note that the yarn must be skeined before washing. Yarn cannot be washed while on the paper cones.

I use about 1 cup of liquid detergent (double the recommended amount for a load of laundry) in a large washing machine to wash 5 pounds of skeins. Hot water (120F.) should be used. FILL the washer, mix in the detergent, then turn the washer OFF so it does not aggitate. Then put the skeins of yarn into the washer and let soak for 30 minutes and turn to SPIN. Never let the machine aggitate with the yarn in it or it will be felted and ruined.

Rinse the yarn two times using the same temperature of water as used for washing. To dry the skeins, hang them over a plastic pipe about 2 inches in diameter.

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